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I now have a site I can be proud of to send people to. My website is amazing, I get compliments on it all the time!

Before Jayme and I worked together, I was overwhelmed about technology I had no idea how to use and terms I didn’t understand. Hiring someone who I could trust to get me and also help me understand how to use the site was also overwhelming.

I LOVE that Jayme looks at working with someone by connecting with their energy and spirit.

As we worked together, I felt very much a part of the process and the videos on how to use the site were very empowering! I built my own page, woohoo!!!

I’ve had a growth spurt since the site was being built and I think I’ll see more business from my site in the next few months. I get so many compliments on the site 🙂

Jayme was a joy to work with. She over delivered and she is amazing at what she does.

Energy and wellness coach

“If you want to experience something transformative & life changing for your business, Jayme is the person to go to. She’s not just creative, she’s got that magical & manifesting touch to her!

Before working with Jayme, it was a struggle to start and to commit to having a website. I had fears of not connecting.

But after working with Jayme, this website has opened so many new avenues for possibilities. It lead me to all the right people.

I find the website to have a life of its own, in terms of frequency and guidance. It vibrates high and beautiful. It feels nurturing, loyal, kind and tender—all of the qualities exuded by its designer from start to finish!

Jayme, thank you from the bottom of my heart and being. Your passion is inspiring, it sparks flames. Continue to bless us with your beautiful heart and creative mind. It is quite obvious that Love and Wisdom are your operative words for your work.

Spiritual Dowser

If someone asked me if they should work with Jayme, I would tell them, absolutely YES!

Before we started working together I was frustrated with the functionality of my website. It wasn’t functioning for me, it wasn’t capturing my audience and things were very unclear to the prospective client.

I had been working with someone since I opened my business and it just didn’t seem like she heard me, she wasn’t listening to what MY vision was. On top of that, I couldn’t make changes to my own website with how it was set up before.

After working with Jayme, I have increased my email list by multiples. I have had many many compliments on my new site.

I LOVE that I can edit my own website when it needs to be edited and not wait on someone else.

Jayme is so easy to work with.

She really listens to what I am needing, she sees things that I would have never thought I needed to change or have on my website. I never felt intimidated by her, I felt like we were a team, which was really refreshing!

You rock Jayme! I think you may have gained a client for life!

Healthy Lifestyle Design Coach

Ready to have your own soulful space?

Working with Jayme was one of the best experiences ever!

I took my baby, The Art of Becoming a Coach Training Program, and put it in her hands.

She blew me away at her taste of design, knowledge of functionality and delivering the project on time. Jayme goes above and beyond no matter the task.

I’m so happy I found her and she birthed my vision better than I could of ever imagined.

Spiritual Life and Business Coach

Jayme is always willing to go the extra mile to make your site a true reflection of you!

I love my site! My list subscribers doubled as a result of my launch.

I’ve had lots of compliments on my site but my favorite came from a fellow web-techie friend, she said that my site felt like a warm, peaceful destination, which is exactly what I wanted!

Before working with Jayme I had attempted to create blogs a couple of times, but I never finished. I knew I needed help from the technology standpoint, but I was concerned because I really didn’t have a “vision” of exactly what I wanted my site to look like. I hadn’t even chosen colors yet! I wanted to be sure that the end result reflected me – who I am and what I offer. I was a little concerned about how it would end up when even I didn’t even know where to start.

However, as soon as I completed Jayme’s discovery form, I knew I was in the right hands. She asked questions not just about what I wanted for my web site, but about who I was and what my values were. It immediately put me at ease! When it came time to choose colors, she and I (independently) picked almost the exact same palette!

Jayme was flexible and offered her opinion, which I always welcomed, and at the same time I always felt like each final decision was mine. Sometimes she would start with my ideas, and add that little extra some thing that I hadn’t thought about to make it extra-special!

She is also a very calm force, which was extremely helpful! I was fretting over writing copy, but because of Jayme, I never had to fret over technology!

Reinvention Coach

Jayme gives outstanding customer service and she did a fantastic job of creating a site for me to be proud of.

The cost of creating a beautiful site has always been an issue for me to overcome. Although I have created my own website, it doesn’t look nearly as nice as having a professional do it.

After working with Jayme, I now have a place to direct people interested in working with me or hiring me as a speaker. It has made me appear more professional for sure.

My email list grew as did my income within the first month of launching my website.

Jayme is easy to work with, prompt in responding to emails and inquiries and has made creating a website painless!

Inner Confidence Coach

Without hesitation, I recommend Jayme to others.

Jayme took me from a wonky looking website that I was embarrassed of to an elegant finished product that I am proud to put out in the world.

Her turnaround time is the best I’ve ever experienced and her professionalism and clear explanations and updates along the way made the process even smoother.

Trying to go the cheapo route, I have worked with developers who presented themselves as having far more skill than they actually did and ones who weren’t motivated to move much faster than a turtle. It sucked.

After working with Jayme, I decided immediately that the smoothness (and joy!) I experienced in our process, was what I wanted from every contractor I invested in. Every dime has been money very well spent.

She’s responsive, proactive and yes, it also matters to me that she’s just a lovely person. Win-win.

Creator, Movement Sessions

Ready to have your own soulful space?

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