Creating Balance Wellness


Creating Balance Wellness is a haven for women who crave a healthy, peaceful and empowering journey to transformation. Elizabeth takes a holistic path to health and happiness through the different phases of motherhood.

Whether it’s through massage, reiki, coaching or chakra balancing, Elizabeth has been supporting women to reconnect to their strength and power.


When Elizabeth and I met, she had a basic HTML website in a faint bluish grey theme. She knew she wanted to have a new website but she was overwhelmed with figuring out the tech side of things.

She had a vision of how she wanted her site to be but she didn’t know where to begin or how to turn that vision into reality.

She wanted her new site to have a warm, soothing and centering presence.

In her vision, she wanted a space that would make her ideal clients feel safe, supported and understood.

Since she wasn’t able to edit her old HTML site easily, she also wanted the ability to update her new site, make changes and add pages when she needs to.


Our journey began with the Soul Branding Visioning Session where we drew the “Lovers” as Elizabeth’s Soul card.

I felt this affirmed her purpose to help women foster self-love as they journey through motherhood and to fulfill their deepest desires, even as they nurture the ones they love.


Inspired by insights from the reading, we created a vision board and branding guide that served as the foundation of Elizabeth’s design.

She felt drawn to mandalas and how they represent the magical complexity of the spirit so this became the focal point of her wordmark. She chose the flower within a flower, symbolizing the life that grows beautifully in a mother’s womb.

For her color palette, we worked with her favorite teal color that felt calm, centered and soothing. We paired this with neutral and gold shades that worked perfectly with her mandala.


As part of our visioning session, Elizabeth and I also visualized the theme for her photoshoot.

We needed photographs that would convey love, warmth, openness and support.

I also asked Elizabeth to have photos taken in her massage space to give people a behind the scenes glimpse of her practice.

After collaborating with creative photographer Eileen Molony, we put together Elizabeth’s design elements, images and copy to lay out each page of her site.

Since Elizabeth wanted to focus on gathering clients, the homepage of her website was focused on highlighting her services and directing people to her offerings page.

Combining her soulful branding and intentional photography, we transformed her website into  a warm, peaceful and supportive space that helps Elizabeth fulfill her intention of supporting more women to experience a joyful and holistic journey to health and happiness.



After creating the site, the next important step for me was to make sure Elizabeth knew how to manage it after I turn it over to her.

Since she was new to WordPress, I created a dedicated tutorial page with screencasts showing step by step instructions on how to maintain her site, make simple edits and add pages when she needs to.

I recorded each video using her site’s actual dashboard so that everything looks familiar and easy to identify.

“I now have a site I can be proud of to send people to. My website is amazing, I get compliments on it all the time!

Before Jayme and I worked together, I was overwhelmed about technology I had no idea how to use and terms I didn’t understand. Hiring someone who I could trust to get me and also help me understand how to use the site was also overwhelming.

I LOVE that Jayme looks at working with someone by connecting with their energy and spirit.

As we worked together, I felt very much a part of the process and the videos on how to use the site were very empowering! I built my own page, woohoo!!!

I’ve had a growth spurt since the site was being built and I think I’ll see more business from my site in the next few months. I get so many compliments on the site 🙂

Jayme was a joy to work with. She over delivered and she is amazing at what she does.

Energy and wellness coach

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