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Colleen McCarthy RDN, LD, CLT, RYT is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, Certified Massage Therapist, LEAP Therapist, Yoga Teacher and a Medical Intuitive.

She specializes in all things GUT health, food sensitivities, eating disorders, and other inflammatory conditions. She works with the energetic bodies and the physical body to help align people with their highest potential of optimal health.

Colleen and I had collaborated on two website projects: one for website development and design enhancement for an existing branding identity and more recently, a total rebrand and redesign of her existing site.

It has been a fascinating journey to witness her personal and business evolution throughout the years. And how her branding and website has transformed to reflect her new direction more clearly.


Before Colleen and I met, she had her branding done by a designer who specialized in lifestyle, wedding and event brands. Her website looked clean and pretty but she felt that it needed to be redesigned to make it more clear and functional.

When I looked at her site, the first thing I noted was the need for a visible optin form and a more visual way to present her offerings.

Colleen already had great photos on file and I felt that we could put them to better use by using them as banners for her website’s pages and graphics. I also made her new design look more expansive by having a fluid unboxed layout and changing the background to white. 

To direct more attention to her optin form, I created a cover for her ebook and positioned it next to the form to make it more clear that this is what people will be getting once they sign up for her list.



Two years later, Colleen had experienced major shifts in her personal life and during one of our calls, she realized she had finally outgrown her brand and website.

What started out as a site that helped people to create healthy winning habits and to deal with food sensitivities has evolved into a healing space for people to dive deeper into their health journey, eliminate the energy blocks in their body and pave a clear path for their intuition to come through.

The site needed a facelift and rebrand to reflect the massive shifts that were also unfolding in Colleen’s coaching and healing practice.

While the old website was still working okay, it no longer felt like a good fit for the level of clients she wanted to attract.

The photographs, the copy and the overall look did little to reflect the deeper intuitive and energy healing work she intended to do with her clients.


As we reviewed her website, it became clear that she needed to replace her lifestyle oriented design with intuitive branding  that communicated her multi-level healing work combining science and intuition. She also needed to use new photographs that allow this new energy to vibrate across her website.

The site’s redesign also needs to highlight her shift from surface lifestyle discovery to deeper energy assessment sessions that engage her intuitive abilities.

Ultimately, the intention was to create a space that attracted her perfect clients — women who were ready, able and committed to do the work and try different modalities so they can experience true healing.

We began by creating vision boards that would set the intention and vision for Colleen’s new brand. I also shared with her visual inspiration and direction as she collaborated with the talented Thu Tran for her new photographs.


I combined Colleen’s vision board and the images I collated for her Soul Branding Visioning to create two moodboards she can choose from.

I also designed three mandala choices for her wordmark and logo.

In the end, she chose the vibrant moodboard and the moon flower mandala which was inspired by the moon, sacred geometry and multiple floral patterns.



To keep her branding aligned and consistent, I also designed Colleen’s new business card featuring her moon flower mandala.

I also redesigned and reformatted her meal planning ritual PDF template so that it uses her new image, fonts and colors.

If someone asked me if they should work with Jayme, I would tell them, absolutely YES!

Before we started working together I was frustrated with the functionality of my website. It wasn’t functioning for me, it wasn’t capturing my audience and things were very unclear to the prospective client.

I had been working with someone since I opened my business and it just didn’t seem like she heard me, she wasn’t listening to what MY vision was. On top of that, I couldn’t make changes to my own website with how it was set up before.

After working with Jayme, I have increased my email list by multiples. I have had many many compliments on my new site.

I LOVE that I can edit my own website when it needs to be edited and not wait on someone else.

Jayme is so easy to work with.

She really listens to what I am needing, she sees things that I would have never thought I needed to change or have on my website. I never felt intimidated by her, I felt like we were a team, which was really refreshing!

You rock Jayme! I think you may have gained a client for life!

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