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This is where it all begins. When you intend to step into your power as a Boss Goddess, to show up confidently online, to gather your tribe and attract soulmate clients… this is how we can make magic together.



Soul Branding Visioning Session

Uncover the soul of your business, create a vision for your branding identity and find ways to infuse your essence into your webspace so that it aligns with your passion, purpose and prosperity.

Jayme just blew my mind. If you’re looking to do some soul work and mix it with some web design work, she is awesome!

Before our session, I felt curious and intrigued as to how my reading would impact my business. After the session, I felt it was spot on and gave me a lot of great new ways to think about how I market myself to my clients.

I felt more confident in my website copy and more proud of my brand. My tarot reading highlighted 3 words that I truly feel I am bringing forth in my brand, so it was a great bolt of support, comfort, and motivation to keep going in the direction I was heading in!

I would absolutely recommend a session with Jayme! She has a calm, comforting manner to her that truly made me feel at ease, appreciated and worthy.

After our session, I felt that I have the answers in me. That this is my calling. That I can make this happen!

Founder of The Rock/Star Advocate™



Intuitive Website Design and Strategy

Gather your tribe and attract soulmate clients with an online presence that’s aligned, authentic and abundant.

If someone asked me if they should work with Jayme, I would tell them, absolutely YES!

After working with Jayme, I have increased my email list by multiples. I have had many many compliments on my new site.

I LOVE that I can edit my own website when it needs to be edited and not wait on someone else.

Jayme is so easy to work with.

She really listens to what I am needing, she sees things that I would have never thought I needed to change or have on my website. I never felt intimidated by her, I felt like we were a team, which was really refreshing!

You rock Jayme! I think you may have gained a client for life!

Intuitive Coach + Medical Medium

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